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  • the Center Ankle are made from high quality aluminum
  • full CNC machined
  • build in ankle lock for the center foot
  • two metric M8 threads for easy mounting to the frame
  • mount your ankle cylinder with pins which can be locked with setscrews from the inner of the ankle
  • each Set contains a hardware Set:
    2x M8x20 Screw
    2x Bushing 10/14/10
    4x M5x8 set screw
    1x ISO7379 Shoulderscrew 10-M8-40
    1x Washer M8
    1x Nut M8 self-locking
  • weight about 2000grams = 4.40 pound
  • Ankle with lock

Herstellkosten je 365€

(manufacturing costs each: 365€)